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What is EasyShop?

EasyShop is a complete e-commerce solution that enables online sales as well as sales directly from your store. EasyShop is a platform that fully supports your business.

web design


You choose the design yourself and it is tailored to fit your needs.

financial data


Storage and material operations, finance and sales control. Easy preparation of all your documents.

technical support

Technical support

Our team is here to help you with constructive suggestions and ideas as well as complete care and support for the technical side of the platform.

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Be at the very top and get more traffic on your website

Genera Development is a company that offers a complete digital marketing support. Internet marketing is very different from traditional marketing and it includes the use of different methods and measurements. Internet marketing allows complete insight and tracking of the visits of the corresponding marketing campaign, tracking of the sales,tracking of the existing and potential clients.Our team works tirelessly to help you build your brand!

  • Lowest price per sale (conversion)
  • Always first on Google
  • From an idea to a real brand through the social media
  • Advanced reports

What does EasyShop include

data security image

Safety and security

The safety and security are at highest level. The Genera Development LLC company that owns the product EasyShop fully respects the policies for protection of private data of the credit card users, as well as the data of classified nature in accordance with the legal regulations in Republic of Macedonia or any country where EasyShop is used.The online shops are hosted on the most secure servers in Europe.

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Access from anywhere in the world

An e-commerce website hosted on Cloud servers. Access your online shop from any location, execute your order, make your invoice, automatically lower your stock, be up to date with your business while you are on your vacation, monitor your employees, place your order from anywhere or restock.

finantial image

Warehouse and material operations

Have an overview of your warehouses. Simple and fast preparation and creation of dispatch and goods received notes. Monitor the state of your warehouse, swift and effective check of your stock. Full control over your material operations, notifications about reduced stock, a feature that allows you to determine minimum stock value. Monitor your warehouse.

tracking sell image

Simple sales tracking

Simple tracking of your sales. Whether your sales are online, straight from your warehouse, from your store, with EasyShop you are completely covered. This product covers all types of pre-payments and payments (invoice, invoice, cash register). Complete tracking of your orders as well as automatic decrease / increase in stock from your warehouse, direct generating of invoices, invoices.

accounting image

Corporate and accounting reports

The possibility to track, plan and manage your business with the help of various corporate reports.Easy supply planning and sales forecasting by using the previously obtained corporate reports.

seo image

SEO – search engine optimization

Optimization of the code and links for easy and advanced registration of your website on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Safari and other search engines, getting better ratings on the search engines and thus increasing the visits and sales on your website.

payment option image

Method of payment

In order to use EasyShop it is necessary to open a bank account in one of the following banks: UNI banka, Halkbank, Stopanska banka, Komercijalna banka or Tutunska banka. A module for payments using an invoice/transaction account, a module for payments using PayPal, module for payments during or after delivery using a receipt and directly from the shop with a receipt.

sells-offers image

Discounts promotions and coupons

Determine the discounts for your products, be the driving force of your business. Increase sales with the help of various promotions, that are made possible by EasyShop. If you have a problem selling a certain product the solution is here SEND OUT A COUPON!


Basic plan

100/ monthly
  • Up to 500 articles
  • 5 GB disk space
  • 25 GB monthly transfer
  • 3 employees
  • 1 warehouse
  • 3 prices per article
  • Basic reports
  • Free installation and IP address for contracts on 12 months.
  • Blog
  • Promotions, discounts, coupons
  • Ticket support

Advanced Plan

300/ monthly
  • Up to 1000 articles
  • 10 GB disk space
  • 50 GB monthly transfer
  • 10 employees
  • 3 warehouses
  • 5 prices per article
  • Advanced reports
  • Free installation and IP address for contracts on 12 months.
  • Blog
  • Promotions, discounts, coupons
  • Ticket support

Platinum Plan

500/ monthly
  • Unlimited articles
  • 25 GB disk space
  • 100 GB monthly transfer
  • 10 employees
  • 5 warehouses
  • 5 prices per article
  • Advanced reports
  • Free installation and IP address for contracts on 12 months.
  • Blog
  • Promotions, discounts, coupons
  • Ticket support